Monday, 30 April 2012

Original Moxie & LoveYourTresses present - LYT Moxie Style the UK Challenge!!!

After months of hard work and effort Original Moxie finally signed off all legal documents and fused it's way into the UK product market in April 2012!!! The funky and systematic product range caters to several hair types; straight, kinky, curly and what's more has set aside specific lines which cater to the daily needs of dry hair, oily hair, chemically treated hair you name it! A brand committed and dedicated to providing products packed with natural ingredients, Original Moxie has a definite originality and worldwide appeal.

Fortunately for me, founder of Original Moxie [Rachel] teamed up with Black & Brown and has sent an entire selection of products for myself and some other fantastic UK bloggers [NaturalBelle, FusionofCultures,CareForYourHair] to indulge in, try, and review!

As LYT is not affiliated with Original Moxie by law, the review phase will take a similar approach to that of Tola's from MyLongHairJourney, and be featured on a this site rather than on the LoveYourTresses blog. Blogging will continue as usual on LYT but for the complete scoop on my take on Original Moxie products, this site will be the official pit stop!

The review phase/challenge begins this week and will include individual product reviews, hair styles achieved using Moxie products, and the grand finale 'Tug-o-War' a.k.a LYT Product Staples vs Original Moxie Products!!! 

Stay tuned!!! 

For more information on Original Moxie check out the site here!

Avec amour...
Fiona ❥