Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pre-Shampoo Lovin' | Original Moxie Emollience Pre-Treatment

I'm a complete snob when it comes to products that work for my hair, once I find the 'perfect' product I hold on to it like a mother does her newborn baby... 'no touching please- she needs her beauty sleep!'

Well this product junkie snob trait definitely didn't make things easy for the Original Moxie Emollience Pre-Treatment, which of course had to suit up to my beloved pre-poo staples; LYT Gingernut Brulee Prepoo & Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme! 

I decided to use the Pre-Treatment the night before a friends birthday celebration, and here is how it suited up...

I followed the instructions on the Emollience Pre-Treatment label which said to apply to dry hair prior to washing and gently heat to aid penetration, this for me translated to get your GreenHouseEffect on! The Original Moxie Emollience Pre-Treatment is said to be a penetrating oil treatment that restores the correct moisture balance to parched hair, and at 25 weeks post relaxer and having used no heat for over 7 weeks my hair constantly craves moisture, so this was destined to be a winner right?

Considering the fact that I received a sample size of the Emollience Pre-Treatment, the treatment still went very far, so much so that I was able to save some for a second application! It has a thick buttery consistency and a spicy, minty aroma. I did find the texture a tad bit sticky however this wasn't an issue once I wore my shower cap and let the treatment work it's magic.

I let the Emollience Pre-Treatment sit on my hair overnight and was pleasantly surprised by how soft my hair was the next day when I took my shower cap off and was ready to commence with washing. The stickiness had gone and all that was left was soft, damp hair. I definitely think the combination of the GHE Method and the Emollience worked perfectly together.

I really liked this product, it gave me soft, tangle free hair and definitely played a major role in my evening hairdo success [below]. It took a while to get used to the smell but with such soft results I quickly forgot all about it! I did find that you need a fairly sudsy shampoo to effectively wash the treatment out, but that review is for another day!
I've saved the other half of my tub for a second review combining the Emollience Pre-Treatment with its right hand man the Oasis Moisture Gel! I've heard the results are even better! 

All in all Original Moxie worked a treat and as you can see I was all smiles for the evening birthday celebration! I used only Original Moxie products to achieve the look below so the reviews will be flooding in soon!

Till next time!

Avec amour...
Fiona ❥