Monday, 21 May 2012

Twist-Out success with Original Moxie!!!

If you read my post on LYT you'll be more than aware that I conquered my twist-out fear and braved what has now become the new hairstyle love of my life!

I used Original Moxie from start to finish and all in all I absolutely love the results! Here is how I conquered the Twist-Out!

Original Moxie Twist-Out Regime

Tools [styling only]
- Denman Brush -
- Butterfly hair clamps -
- Tail comb -
- Small Perm rods -

Original Moxie Emollience Penetrating Moisture + Original Moxie Oasis Moisture Gel
[I applied this combo and let it sit on my hair overnight, it definitely beat my initial review of the Emollience Treatment hands down and left me with ├╝ber soft hair!]

Original Moxie Get Clean No-Foam Shampoo
[I washed with the No-Foam Shampoo which I am still yet to review, undecided on how I feel about no suds in my shamps!]

Deep Conditioner
Original Moxie Re-wind Protein Treatment 
[My hair was in serious need of some strength so I applied this treatment and let it sit for the recommended 15 minutes]

Leave-in Conditioner
Original Moxie Everyday Leave-in Conditioner + Original Moxie Oasis Moisture Gel
[I applied a mixture of the OM Leave-in and Moisture Gel throughout my hair. I opted for this combination because I find the OM Leave-in a tad bit too heavy, whereas the addition of the Moisture Gel gave me tremendous slip and moisturised my hair. A dime size amount is definitely the rule of thumb with the Leave-in for me!]

Original Moxie Lux Locs Styling & Shine + Original Moxie Just Gel Styling Concentrate + Original Moxie Hair Bling High Shine Pomade 

Day One
1 - I knew that I wanted some hair to fall across my hair like a fringe so I parted my hair with a tail comb and created squares in my usual fringe area. I detangled each section using a Denman brush and then applied a tiny amount of the styling concentrate to each section for additional hold, whilst then topping this off with a mini dollop of the Lux Locs Styling & Shine cream.

2 - I then began to twist each section of hair and when half way down the twisted segment; I would secure the root of the twist with a bobby pin to avoid unravelling or loose twists.

3 - To secure the bottom of each twist my perm rods came in handy! The ends of my hair are still relaxed so I needed something to help maintain consistent curl.

4 - Headscarf on and hair was left overnight to set!

Day Two
I lightly misted my hair with a homemade moisturising spritz to revitalise my hair. I then warmed my finger tips with the Original Moxie Hair Bling High Shine Pomade and began to unravel each twist.

General Thoughts
I loved the softness the combination of styling products gave, the Lux Locs and Hair Bling were especially kind to my hair and left it soft and bouncy. I had some knot and tangling issues with the styling concentrate but only before realising that this was best mixed with the Lux Locs as opposed to being applied by itself before the Lux Locs cream.

End result ....

Forgive the camera quality, my camera went on vacay with a friend to Dubai!!!

Avec amour 
  Fiona ❥